Author - Mark Brusche

Gigawatowy holenderski rynek słoneczny

The Dutch PV sector is expected to have grown by 1.3-1.5 GW in 2018. The growth, which marks the Netherlands’ entry into Europe’s gigawatt club, was mainly due to the connection of large-scale projects under the SDE+ program. The nation’s cumulative installed PV capacity should have surpassed 4 GW as the Dutch government prepares to reduce the SDE+ budget. The [...]

Gospodarki wschodzące odrabiają straty w globalnym wyścigu o energię odnawialną

Emerging market countries are lagging behind the developed world in rolling out renewable energy, despite their generally sunnier climes lending themselves to potentially cheap and reliable solar power. However, some developing countries such as Lithuania and Uruguay and Indian states such as Tamil Nadu are rapidly developing wind and solar power, demonstrating that middle and lower-income nations can make progress [...]

W 2017 r. prawie 35% nowej mocy prądotwórczej na świecie pochodziło z nowych elektrowni słonecznych

While the annual investment grew by 18 percent, the newly installed capacity of solar photovoltaic power increased by 32 percent to almost 100GW in 2017. Over the last 15 years, the photovoltaic (PV) industry has grown from a small group of companies and key players into a global business where information gathering is becoming increasingly complex. The latest edition of [...]

Według nowego raportu do 2020 roku energia odnawialna ma być tańsza niż paliwa kopalne

‘Turning to renewables for new power generation is not simply an environmentally conscious decision, it is now – overwhelmingly – a smart economic one’Renewable energy will be cheaper than fossil fuels in two years, according to a new report. Experts predict that investment in green infrastructure projects will lead to decreases in the cost of energy for consumers. Continuous technological improvements [...]

Zmiany na światowym rynku PV, 200 GW mocy rocznie do 2020 r.

According to a new report from the PV Market Alliance (PVMA), the global solar PV market will only be marginally affected by the recent China policy decisions, and will grow to become an up to 200 GW market by 2022. Diversification will continue, with new segments accounting for up to 25% of the entire market by this time. India, Europe, [...]